Spreeha Diversity Academy

Spreeha Pathshala Statement of Purpose

Spreeha takes a holistic approach to empowering the communities it serves. Education being one of its core pillars, Spreeha recognizes the need for global education as a transformative learning process that is essential in creating and promoting mutual understanding across racial, cultural, religious, socio-political and geographical divides.

Spreeha believes that our youth are our agents of change, and as a means of serving the community, aims to provide effective ways of fostering global understanding among them through creating awareness. Spreeha Diversity Academy (SDA) was born from this notion. Through SDA, Spreeha envisions to foster among the youth in its community, the ability and willingness to engage, better understand and ultimately, tackle global challenges like poverty and inequality.

An initiative under SDA, Spreeha Pathshala aims to promote intercultural awareness and competency through foreign languages. In an age of global interdependence and an increasingly multicultural society, early foreign language study builds children’s cultural competency skills and provides an insight into other cultures that is unique only to this discipline.

To begin with, Spreeha Pathshala aims to serve the Greater Seattle community of interested Bengali language learners aged 5-12 years. Our school will foster a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment by prioritizing the growth of each student’s self-esteem through the building of positive relationship between students and teachers.

Spreeha Pathshala aims to nurture growth, responsibility and productivity by celebrating our diverse backgrounds under a positive academic atmosphere and by promoting school spirit through our accomplishments. We encourage the active involvement of parents, teachers and members of the community in our students’ educational journey.

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