Leadership Team

Ferdouse Oneza, CEO

FerdouseOnezaFerdouse Oneza brings over 20 years of experience in leadership, strategic planning, and team development. She guided the development of the first Spreeha Chapter in Seattle, and served as Chapter President. She also served as Director of Strategy, and volunteered at Spreeha from the beginning of its journey.

She is a community planner, and founded the Seattle based planning consulting firm, Oneza & Associates that serves communities in Washington State. She worked in both public and private planning agencies where she led teams in developing plans and strategies. Oneza led the formation of the Columbia Section of American Planning Association’s Washington Chapter. She won the prestigious Robert Burke Award from the American Planning Association, Washington Chapter for her service.

She believes that helping others is a deep-rooted instinct in human kind that empowers us all, those who need, and those who give help.

Rashed Noman, COO

RashedRashed Noman is very passionate about helping people. He believes in the philosphy of giving back and giving forward. Developing organizations, developing leaders, and organizing events are his forte. He always wanted to combine his passion and expertise. Rashed has served for several organizations where he learned experienced the hrudles of developing a new organization and what does it take to run non-profit organizations and help others. He has found home with Spreeha.

Rashed has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from University of South Carolina and MBA from New York Institute of Technology. Rashed currently works as an Engineering manager in the Boeing Company and lives in Seattle with his wife. He laso serves in the board of other non-profit organizations and working with a goal to impact the world for better.