What exactly does Spreeha do?

We provide healthcare, education and job placement training services so that people can take an active part in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Where does my money go?

Spreeha is responsible with donor funding. Where possible we solicit donated services and products. Spreeha stretches the power of the donated dollar by purchasing supplies locally and paying for on-site staffing and services. Spreeha also partners with other private and public organizations and individuals where possible.

What exactly are the slums and slum conditions?

Bangladesh, with a population of 147.4 million is one of the poorest countries in the world; with an estimated 3.4 million people live in some 5000 slums of its capital city, Dhaka. In 2010, the population of the city of Dhaka has been projected at 17.6 million people, with up to 60% in the slums.

Slums are heavily populated in urban areas characterized by poverty and substandard housing. A survey of 100 household represented a total 511 people reveals that habitation in the slums was due to economic migration in 93%. Subjects had 296 children, 89 of whom died. Protein consumption was scarce. 81% had no schooling. Contraception was used by 68%. Acute and chronic health conditions were reported. Work was mainly in the service sector, household income was 56.4 USD/month.

Why does Spreeha provide so many services?

The cycle of poverty involves so many things. Without proper healthcare, sanitation, education, family planning, and employment education, children and their parents lack the abilities to pursue a brighter future. Spreeha provides a holistic wrap around approach.

Is Spreeha Foundation a nonprofit?

Yes, Spreeha is a 501(c)(3) registered in the State of Washington (EIN: 45-3361624). All donations are tax deductible as permitted by IRS regulations.

Where are you located?

Spreeha is made up of an Executive Team and Board Members based in the US, with direct services and a team of dedicated professionals in Bangladesh.

How can I get involved?

Spreeha means hope, intention, and strong desire. You can get involved with HOPE:

  • Help spread the word about Spreeha Foundation’s programs.
  • Organize a group of family or friends to sponsor or adopt a class or a family.
  • Pay it forward – your donated dollars and/or in-kind services help make all the difference.
  • Engage with Spreeha – sign up for our newsletter, volunteer to help where needed, attend one of our events.