Let’s Build a Library

More and more of what we read are digital these days. After all, you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now if it weren’t for the bits and bytes flowing through ether into the fluid screen in front of you. But is the only way to have a stimulating reading experience is by…

…going digital?

Students in Spreeha schools proved otherwise in a brisk and sunny February morning. They stepped out of their classroom and went to…

…a book fair!

Spreeha Children at the National Book Fair

Spreeha Children at the National Book Fair

Spreeha organized a tour of the National Book Fair, which takes place over the entire month of February each year in Bangladesh. The tour, “Let’s go to the book fair” (“চলো বই মেলায় যাই” – Cholo Boi Mêla-ae Jai), was an initiative to enhance the scholastic interest among underprivileged students in the Spreeha education programs. 57 children joined the event.

The children also met up with prominent Bengali writer, Anisul Hoque! He gave a very inspiring speech and handed out prizes of a quiz competition held earlier. Science author and member of the cabinet, Firoz Salah Uddin, joined the children at noon.

Happy Spreeha Children at The Book Fair

Happy Spreeha Children at Book Fair

The children then visited stalls in the fair, bought books and finished their lunch at the Bangla Academy cafeteria. Spreeha provided an allowance to buy books of their choice. Once done with their own copy, the books will be used to build…

…a library!!

Yes, a library – in the Spreeha school facilities, created by the students, for the students.