Building the New Spreeha Preschool

Spreeha has completed building a new pre-school facility, which currently houses 80 students. There are a total of three sessions between morning, noon and afternoon. The first two sessions have a class size of 26 while the afternoon session has 28 students. Most of the students are from the local slum who previously didn’t have the opportunity to pursue their basic right of primary education.

Being in school also help these children to have a safe and nurturing environment while their parents are out for work. They are taught using the Kajoli model, which is based on the idea that pre-school learning should be more “fun and game” than hard work. The program utilizes the innovative use of pocket board, pocket cards, black boards, community participation and other methods, to help them learn to read, write and count. It’s also an unfortunate reality that children like them are exposed to water born skin and other diseases and also suffer from malnutrition. The Spreeha education program was actually born out of necessity when it became obvious that the source of most of their health issues are rooted to the time that they are left by themselves during the day. Each session also provides the students with nutritious snacks while it’s underway.

Currently there are a total three teachers, including Afsana, a Spreeha veteran who is now contributing back to the dilapidated environment that she has been able to move out of. At completion, the school was inspected by Dr. Bari from for scholastic quality.

Spreeha is also building its second facility to accommodate more students in the near future. To learn more about Spreeha’s educational programs, take a peek at

A look at the construction