Spreeha Brings Smiles to Little Sadia

Spreeha has finally brought smiles on the lips of little Sadia, the 7-month old daughter of rickshaw puller Mohammad Ashraf and housewife Ms. Samia. They live in a slum adjacent to the town protection embankment of Mohammadpur area in Dhaka city.

Sadia had a severe bout of chicken pox. After disappearing temporarily, the pox revived in an alarming form throughout her entire body. Her condition deteriorated sharply, risking her life at one stage.

Rubina, a Spreeha staff member came across Sadia during her routine visit. She was very alarmed to see the dire condition of the baby who was moaning in pain.

Rubina suggested Sadia’s parents to shift her to a healthcare center immediately. When Sadia was brought to the Spreeha Medical Center, attending physician Dr. Jahid, considering the severity of the disease asked Rubina to immediately rush the baby to the Children’s Hospital. After getting due treatment for 12 days, Sadia recovered from the disease and has been visiting Spreeha’s Medical Center for routine check-up. Spreeha provided medicine and covered ancillary expenditure for Sadia’s treatment.

With a broad smile on her face, Sadia has now returned back to the embrace of her beaming mother!

Sadia – Before

Sadia – After