Colors of Bangladesh: Exceeding Expectations

On the evening of June 16, as we were rolling up our event banners and packing away our event supplies, there was a gleam of utmost gratification in the eyes of each of us, Spreeha volunteers. Thank you each and every star, superstar and Spreeha friends and supporters who helped make the fundraiser an incredible success.

The festivities of the day began with gourmet feasts for our attendees, featuring an array of Bangladeshi snacks and desserts and a medley of the cuisine’s main entrees. The silent auction booth nearly sold out all its available handicrafts, clothing and jewelry, which were produced by Bangladeshi cooperatives following international fair trade practices. The first of its kind, the photo-booth with super-hit Bangladeshi Films’ posters as the backdrop added extra zing to the fun and yes, of course, there was a henna booth.

Loved by our much-adored cinephiles, the festival showcased the award-winning feature films, Monpura and Runway, by Bangladesh’s independent filmmakers; movies that gave our audiences a scope to deeper understand the region’s varied culture, social structure and norms. Through most of the afternoon, we were joined by a band of Lalon musicians led by Seattle’s Keith Cantú, whose live performances had the audience marvel and muse at Bengal’s mystical folk songs.


Exceeding everyone’s expectation the event turned out to be a huge success raising net amount of $23,765.35 surpassing an aspiring target of $20,000.

The proceeds from this event will directly contribute to open two new pre-schools, in two different locations – that’ll host six pre-school classes. Spreeha will furthermore utilize the funds to expand its healthcare services to support more people in need.

Spreeha volunteers will be hosting similar fundraisers in the future, aiming to raise a higher amount to help support the ongoing projects and expansion. Spreeha continues to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Event Highlights

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